This ping pong table offers great value for money. With its system for adjusting the net and its ball storage compartment, the SPORT SPORT 250 INDOOR is a match for superior tables. This table tennis table offers great comfort for users due to its optimized COMPACT TECHNOLOGY storage system. The SPORT SPORT 250 INDOOR is designed for leisure use and is perfect for your first family ping pong tournaments.

Playing Quality

This table offers a good bounce thanks to a 19mm panel. Indoor panels are made of chipboard and offer good bounc properties. The thicker the panel (from 19 to 25mm) better the bounce.

Easily adjust the net's tension to keep it straight at all time.


The patented "Compact Technology®" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space requirements. 

Using a central release handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The DSI  system has 16 locking points. The table is fully locked in playing and storage positions.  The highest level of safety on the market !

Stability / Robustness

This table is equipped with adjustable leg pads (70mm diameter) to get a perfectly flat playing surface on uneven ground.

Large diameter caster wheels (150mm) provides excellent mobility and smooth treading on sensitive flooring. 2 brakes provide better stability during the game and greater safety in the folded position. 

The frame is made of a zinc and aluminium alloy. This 30mm thick structure ensures a good flatness of the panel

Equipment / Ergonomics / Manoeuvrability

Dankzij de centrale ontgrendelingshendel is het openen en sluiten van de tafel erg gemakkelijk voor één persoon.


Spaces have been added to the sides of the table to store 8 balls.