Tacteo 50

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Available in a choice of 3 colours, the Tacteo 50 Composite bat is a perfect combination of technological innovation and design. This bat was designed for outdoor use and is both waterproof and shock resistant with a soft touch grip.

It is an ideal bat for all age groups and offers advantages in terms of game performance. This range has been recently updated and includes a new bat covering incorporating the Skin + concept.

The Tacteo 50 can be washed regularly using soapy water to eliminate dirt and perspiration.


It's dynamic elastomer rubber ensures a good speed of play

Precision and Spin

Even better grip and control for a masterful game, thanks to an elastomer SKIN+ covering and it's patented surface geometry.

Solidity and Durability

The injected polymer blade provides an extremely solid core with improved resistance to impact, UVs and humidity. 


With its skillful design this racket favours perfect handling

This racket flared handle has a comfortable grip for everyone