Nexeo X200 Graphite



The Nexeo Graphite X200, a perfect combination of our expertise in outdoor ping pong and ‘graphite’ technologies that have thus far been reserved for the tennis world, is probably the highest performance outdoor racket on the market. It has taken 3 years for this product to come to fruition and the results offer supreme qualities that one might assume would be incompatible: outdoor (weather resistant), incredibly high performance, ultra-durable (shock resistant) and extra light. Don’t hesitate for even a second; you too can BOOST YOUR GAME!

raquette de ping pong graphite boost


This very dynamic rubber ensures a high speed play

Precision and Spin

This innovative outdoor rubber ensures a great transmission of spin.

Solidity and Durability

Made of strong composite material (graphite for the X200) Nexeo withstands impact and bad weather while maintaining high performance gameplay charcateristics.


This ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip suitable for everyone.